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The Vertical Farm Project

Hey Urban Ag!

Personally, I don’t know how I feel about the vertical farm concept. Historically, the most sustainable agriculture has been our closest approximation of natural systems. These vertical farms open more space for cultivation, but in distinctly sterilized and un-natural environments. I’m not that well informed. I’ve read about the Vertical Farm Project in the NY Times and on the project’s website, but remain skeptical.

Tonight there is an opportunity to learn more! Columbia’s Professor Despommier is giving a free talk, titled “The Vertical Farm: A Case for Growing Food in Urban Skyscrapers” tonight.

Where: Center for Agriculture. Hines Gallery. 536 Laguardia Pl.

When: 6 – 8 PM.

RSVP at info@forumforurbandesign.org or call (646) 416 – 6783

I can’t go, but somebody please do and get excited about Vertical Farming and tell me why my inclinations are wrong! It’s a great opportunity to hear a man who certainly has a vision.



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