We aren’t expert gardeners or farmers. We are students. We started this club because we want to learn more about the process of agriculture — the growing, the technology, the soil, the composting, the harvesting, the cooking and the community building! We’re interested in learning and sharing the knowledge and the experience!


The Community Agriculture Club is an All-Square Club at NYU focused on learning the theory and practice of urban agriculture, as well as supporting interests in agricultural issues, cooking, and other food-related topics.  We grow seasonal fruits and vegetables in cold-frames in a garden space in Washington Square Village and host other agriculture related events, including talks, sustainable cooking parties, community service days, film screenings and more!



Zoe Abram and Rachel Greenspan, two Gallatin students (now graduated), began the Community Agriculture Club with a Green Grant from NYU’s Office of Sustainability. They used the Green Grant to purchase cold frames and start a demonstration garden for the Community Agriculture Club so that we would have a place to put our thoughts into action! Now, we are continuing their legacy by cultivating the garden as a space for students to build on food and agriculture projects they are passionate about.



We have a small garden space in Washington Square Village, right behind the CitiBank on LaGuardia and W. 3rd Street. You can enter under the Washington Square Village’s garage entrance 1 on W. 3rd St.


Club Goals

Community Agriculture Club at NYU aims to help students build a better relationship with food through community. While we may think of food mainly through consumption, the production of food is often forgotten yet is extremely vital. How food is produced reveals much about our relationship to food, our ideologies, the economy, social justice, environmental consequences, and more. We aim to increase students’ knowledge about food and how it can be produced in an urban environment. Urban agriculture has great potential and will serve as an integral part of a sustainable food system. Growing food is also a powerful point of connection for communities. It is productive (literally), exciting, and rewarding. Through fun and engaging community-based efforts, we plant and harvest in our garden, participate in other urban agriculture-related community service, and host gardening and food workshops as educational and social events for our members.


Executive Board of Fall 2014

Co-Presidents: Maggie Tsai (CAS ’15) and Katie Dorph (CAS ’16)

Treasurer: Alex Knechtl (CAS ’15)

Communications:  Dot Li (CAS ’15)



Get Involved!

Whether you are an expert or a beginner to gardening and urban agriculture, we invite you to join our community! Click here to join our NYU OrgSync listserv to hear about all our upcoming events and opportunities. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @NYU_CommunityAg, and read our blog updates for even more Community Agriculture. Email us with questions, ideas, or suggestions at community.agriculture.club@nyu.edu.


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