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Hello blogging world! I know it’s been a while, but life has been a little crazy lately what with mass amounts of end of the year school work and the onset of warm weather, dragging me away from the computer any chance I get. It’s time for some more food news though, because as always there is plenty of interesting stuff going on! And hopefully after this, I’ll get back on the ball for the next few weeks until the end of the semester.


1. Cheesy Bread Bowl Pizzas? 

First I want to showcase this crazy new pizza Dominos is doing. Cheesy bread bowl crust?! And what about the fact that this article also discusses a Pizza Hut specialty only available in the Middle East that has a crust made of mini cheeseburgers? I like to consider myself a healthy and mindful eater, but I would petition to bring that to America. 



This all seems like (delicious) fun and games, but as I was perusing the web I also found this article about the lack of progress chain restaurants have made in improving their children’s’ meals. There is an especially interesting debate that could be had here concerning how much choice should be left to the consumer. To an extent, maybe Applebee’s is right to defend themselves, since they offer both healthy and unhealthy children’s’ meal options. But in reality, what kid picks the steamed broccoli? With the New York soda ban in the news lately this is an especially relevant time to be thinking about the level of responsibility people should be entrusted with concerning their food choices. 


2. A “Freegan” Restaurant

This article may not provide the perfect Applebee’s alternative, but it does showcase one cool way to eat out. Tufts student, Maximus Thaler, is planning to open a café supplied by products he has accumulated through dumpster diving. This article raises some interesting questions surrounding the feasibility of a “freegan” restaurant. Since it is a grey area of legality, he will have to run it out of his apartment. Could there ever be a real, larger-scale “freegan”restaurant? Another important point made was that they can’t plan the menu in advance. What a unique factor for a restaurant to have to work with! To me, this seemed like it could be a good thing, taking us away from a mindset of being able to eat what we want when we want. 


3. Are Nutrients Really All We Need?

Here’s a short, but somewhat mind-boggling article for you. An Atlanta based software engineer is currently living off a liquid diet that he believes contains all the nutrients you need to survive. And he even looks pretty healthy in the picture, surprisingly enough. This was reminiscent of a really great book I’ve been reading (and that you should read), Michael Pollan’s, In Defense of Food. In this book, Pollan discusses the issues around reducing foods to just their nutrients and the ways that this actually affects our health in a negative way in the long run. Taking the nutrient out of the context of food is a harmful phenomenon that has gotten quite popular during America’s nutrition phase. And most importantly, it takes all the joy and pleasure out of eating!



4. Vermont Is Awesome

Here’s one last thing because, well it’s just awesome. In this article  a Vermont farmer is building a sailboat in order to transport his produce to New York City. Enough said. Vermont is awesome. Here’s a link to the project as well (The Vermont Sail Freight Project).



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