Reflections on Valentine’s Day

At last week’s CommAg meeting, one of our members (who I happen to be madly in love with) talked about the importance of the word “community” in “Community Agriculture”.  The club revolves around agriculture and food, but it’s really about something much more: the comradery and love that blossom when our interests bring us together and propel our the development of our relationships. In honor of today, Valentine’s day, I made a list of things that are relevant to my conception of love, whether amongst a group, between two friends, or a boy and his boo.
– Listening to a great song and staring out the window of a subway as it goes over a bridge while thinking about someone cool.
– The first hug for a long time.
– Sharing an orange.
-Cooking together.
– Icebreakers with a group of great folks.
– Snowball fights.
– Good deeds, like giving up your seat on the subway or buying a sandwich for someone hungry without a home.
-Yesterday I saw a man drinking a King Cobra on the stoop around the corner of the Tisch building.  I greeted him and we shook hands and I told him that I love Cobra too.  It was really nice.
– Persevering through hardship. If you have only have one bowl and one spoon and a half cup of rice, sharing it with your best friend will make it great. Love is the best spice.
-Two people laughing together who don’t speak the same language.
A big part of love  is realizing that we all are, to some degree, the same.  We each have our own relation to the human condition, and when people find that their reference points to life are similar, they connect.  And that’s awesome.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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