Last Week’s Meeting, This Week’s Sun!

We had a fantastic meeting last week with a great turn out. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us make seed starter pots. We are so excited for this planting season! If you missed out or are just interested in making more seed starter pots on your own, I attached a DIY video to the end of this post for simple pots from just a sheet of newspaper.

Where is this beautiful bundle of crocuses and sunshine, you may ask? No where other than the garden a few days ago, in late February! Thoughts on this year’s early bloomings? See what the New York Times has to say about the early buds and concerns of climate change, along with the lack of pollinators and fears of a sudden turn of weather: Much to Savor, and Worry About, Amid Mild Winter’s Early Blooms.

How about stopping by the garden this weekend to see? And while you’re there start visualizing how you want the garden to look come springtime!

We also had Justin from Ethikus stop by and share Shop Your Values Week (SYVW) with us. Ethikus is a great organization focused on getting New Yorkers to “vote with your wallet” by highlighting businesses that ethical and sustainable, based on how the business engages with the community, supports its employees, addresses its environmental impact, and how its products and services are sourced. Shop Your Values Week is a week long event that is being organized now, for the beginning of May. Ethikus gave us a grant last year and for that we are very thankful! And they want to continue to collaborate with us, which is great! But as Justin put it well, “we want our relationship to be a mutually beneficial one”! A.K.A. If you want to get involved with their great organization, check out their website or send them an email (Or talk to us and we’ll put you in touch with Justin!). They have a Meetup coming up next week where they will be talking more about Shop Your Values Week and anyone is invited to join in and collaborate!
Check out their social media pages: ethikusNYC Twitter ,  Facebook , Blog , Meetup !


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