General Meeting this Tuesday

Tuesday, April 12
7:30 pm
Kimmel 903

The main thing on the Agenda is E-board elections! If you plan on running for something, please email our president Christine (, if you haven’t already, and let her know. Also, you should plan a short little speech thing to let us know why you’d be a good e-board member. Other topics will be upcoming events, including the FUNDRAISER this wednesday. If anyone wants to help sell cupcakes there, then come to the meetin and let us know!

Also, I (Nikki the Treasurer) am planning on baking cookies for the meeting. Apple Oatmeal Cookies. Unless my life is mean to me, and then I will probably buy something not as exciting. But, the CHANCE of NikkiCookies being there should be enough of a reason to make you come. So come. If you don’t come, I will cry.

Can’t wait to see everybody there and please don’t make me cry.


Nikki the Treasurer (who also makes fliers and updates the blog and has a thing for cats)


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