Last week’s cool events

So last wednesday we made some pasta from scratch, which was quite a hilarious experience. A bunch of new faces showed up, and we’re all so excited you came and helped us eat what we all came to realize is basically pure flour. Yum!! To those of you who were really good at making long, pretty noodles, sorry most of them were destroyed in the boiling process. And to those of you who made the cream sauce, you are excellent.

Here’s some pics:

Next time we will probably just make cookies.

Also last weekend, we headed over to the Brooklyn Commons to help out at the Foodshed market. The head of it all, Melissa (who is real awesome), had us interviewing the customers to ask the how much they love local and organic food. The whole experience was very warm and whimsical and it smelled delicious. Also, there is a man who makes his own poptarts. I was crying.

Here’s the only picture from the day worth showing: a cool one of Caylee holding ROOT beer whilst standing next to a sandwich board beautifully designed by Christine:

We’ve got a lot more ideas for upcoming events, including at least one more before spring break. Also, we’re gonna start planting real soon, so if theres any summer crops youre dying to see, please let us know!

Have a nice day!



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