Cold Frames

Dear Community Ag,

Thank you for all your help at Room to Grow!

My Tatsoi has sprouted! I hope your plants are doing well. If you worry that they are not getting enough sun, cut or fold down the sides of the newspaper pots so the soil almost reaches the top. Also don’t water too much — the seeds of mine that have sprouted so far were two pots that I pretty much forgot about for almost a week. E-mail us and share your seed-starting stories! (

Room to Grow was over a week ago now … so it’s time to begin thinking about the next steps.

For sure, one of the main ones is building cold frames. We are working with ITP, a graduate Tisch program, to use their shop. Once we arrange the logistics with them, we’ll be sending out an e-mail about a club event for the big build.

We are still looking for good (recycled) options for wood sourcing. Anyone have any ideas??
Also, we are thinking about the best way to capitalize and build on the momentum created at Room to Grow. More on that to come … but please contribute any ideas!

As I said before … feedback on the event has been incredible.

WSN covered the story, and although they made numerous factual errors including the name of the club — and focused on gardening rather than agriculture — (oh no don’t get me started on the mistakes!) they may have raised awareness about the club, and took some more good pictures!


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