Room to Grow

Room To Grow: Envisioning Urban Agriculture at NYU
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
6:00-9:30 PM
Jerry H. Labowitz Theater, 715 Broadway, 1st floor

In cities across the world, urban agriculture is increasingly being recognized as a powerful solution to the interlinked crises of food insecurity, climate change, and the breakdown of community. As an urban research university with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, NYU has the opportunity to show leadership in this emerging discipline, using on-campus food production to radically reframe the way we relate to the urban environment.

Room to Grow will serve as the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that will engage students, faculty, and administrators in developing a vision for food production on campus that is innovative, participatory, and research-oriented. The evening will entail a presentation, a panel discussion, and a series of targeted breakout groups. Local and organic food will be served, and participants will have the opportunity to plant seedlings for NYU’s first community garden.

Tentative schedule:

  • 6:00: introduction by Zoe Abram, co-chair of NYU Gardening Club
  • 6:15: presentation of the Gallatin Dean’s Award research project “Room To Grow: Participatory Landscapes and Urban Agriculture at NYU” by Adam Brock, Gallatin ’08
  • 6:45: panel discussion with faculty, students, and urban agriculture experts, moderated by Jeremy Friedman, coordinator of NYU Sustainability Task Force
  • 7:30: breakout groups meet to discuss the next steps in making urban agriculture a reality on campus
  • 8:15: breakout groups report back
  • 8:45: reception

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