A Look Ahead

Winter is coming, but frozen ground doesn’t slow this club down.

We are in the beginning stages of planning a grand unleashing of the urban agriculture advocacy powers that are now divided among the various urban ag initiatives on campus. While we have a date, (February 4, Mark Your Calendar!) it is really too soon to begin practical planning of the event, or spreading the word in a big way. I just got too excited meeting with Adam the other day, and wanted to begin the discussion about what the role of the Community Agriculture Club should be, and how we should use all these resources to create the most dynamic synthesis of everyone’s urban ag ideas!

The plan:

  • Seed starting and great food!
  • Panel discussion with faculty and staff involved in urban agriculture initiatives.
  • Presentation from alum Adam Brock about his research on urban agriculture and NYU.
  • Breakout groups and a larger discussion aimed at creating a vision for the future of urban agriculture at NYU.
  • Unveiling of cooperative efforts to bring larger scale urban agriculture to NYU.
  • Great visuals and music!
  • An online forum of some sort, perhaps through this website, to continue the discussion after this event ends

We look forward to partnering with all sorts of environmental groups on campus to set this up. Please e-mail us if your brain, like Adams has, and now mine has, takes this idea and runs with it to all sorts of great ideas. If this makes you enthusiastic and begin thinking, please get in touch so we can hear your ideas and get your input!


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