Hi Community Ag at NYU!

Some of you may have gotten these over e-mail (and if you haven’t please e-mail us and we will add you to the list) but we are having our first real events this weekend!

1) Saturday October 25, we are heading out to East NY Farms! for their volunteer day and Harvest Festival. We’ll be working on whatever project they assign, visiting their farmers market, enjoying fall weather and the amazing food they always have there. We are meeting at 10:00 on the Northeast corner of 13th and 7th avenue, and from there we will take the 2, 3 Subway line to the farm. Please feel free also to meet us at the farm, if that is more convenient for you. Call Zoe (202 365 7023) with any questions, or just to let me know you plan to come, so we can wait for you!
2) Sunday, October 26, we are having our very first event in our most likely prospective garden. We will be cleaning up the cold frames from Jennifer Berg’s garden, in order to help her get her cold frames ready for winter. We’ll be getting our hands a little dirty, hanging out, looking at the site in preparation to try to partner with her garden and add our own cold frames to the spot, and starting an ongoing conversation about urban ag at NYU and what we want out of this new club. The event starts at 2 PM, and I can’t see it taking more than an hour to clean the garden. Come for the gardening, come for the excitement about the club, come for the company, come for the hot apple cider and baked goods. I hope you can all make it; feel free to just stop by if you can’t come for the whole hour. We look forward to seeing you! Bring friends! The garden is located in Washington Square Village, just behind Bobst Library, between W 3rd Street and Bleeker. It’s that big apartment complex with the two underpasses that people often walk through to get between Bleeker and campus. The garden is on the right as you walk south through the complex, right by the Mail Delivery center/Citibank sign. It’s right on campus, so come for a break from studying!!

We are very excited about these, as they are our first two official events. Can’t wait!

Zoe and Rachel

Community Ag at NYU (RSVP for Saturday/just stop by for Sunday)


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