Around this Weekend?

There are a bunch of great urban ag related events this weekend!

1. Gowanus Harvest Festival!

What: Local food, fall fun in Brooklyn. I’ll be there especially for the Seed Saving Workshop.

Where: 388-400 Carroll St, Brooklyn. Take the F/G to Carroll St, N/R to Union St.

When: Saturday, October 11. The Festival is from 11-9, but the Seed Saving Workshop is at 3:00 P.M.

Why: Seed saving is a critical part of gardening. We’re probably not going to have to save seeds for our own project until next fall, but it’s good to know how! Also, the festival itself is a blast.

2. East NY Farms Volunteer Day

What: Volunteer at this fantastic urban farm. If you missed Annie and Carla’s Radishes and Rubbish tour last week, you should really check this place out.

When: Also Saturday October 11th. (The deal with this is — I’m personally going to the Gowanus Harvest Festival, but if any of you are dying to volunteer for ENY Farms that is completely awesome and you should do that instead! They are having their own Harvest Festival on October 25th, which is also a volunteer day. I’ll be going then and hanging out and volunteering, and that will be after our first real meeting so maybe more people will be organized and want to come! So, if you can’t make it this Saturday, save the date for the 25th!)

Where: East New York Farms. Corner of New Lots and Schenk Aves. Take the 3 train to Van Siclin and walk a block along under the train and you’ll be right there.

Why: It’s an amazing organization. If this sounds more up your alley than seed saving, go for it! I don’t know exactly what they’ll have you doing, but it will be productive and fun.

Those are the two biggies this weekend. Looking ahead: Definitely save the 25th to go back to East NY Farms, and the 18th is the Harvest Festival at Added Value, which is also going to be great. Keep checking back!



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