This is our first blog post.

On the blog, we will try to leave updates on what we have been doing (the club-related things.) We’ll have invitations to club activities, and links to other cool Urban Agriculture happenings. Also, we’ll probably write short blurbs about what we did the past week. This is our first time at blogging, so here goes …

Our Progress:

This past week, we made the website! We also set up our gmail: gardenNYU@gmail.com

Please e-mail us there and get on the growing list-serv.

Other Urban Ag Stuff:

This past week some of us went on a Radishes and Rubbish trip with Annie and Carla to East NY Farms! See their website for more on the trip, and their future plans. We were amazed by the farm, the sheer amount of produce, and the student interns. JoAmy and Jonathan, two high school students who also intern on the farm and coordinate volunteers, showed us around. I’ve never met two more well spoken and out there high school students. They have it all figured out, and they are so engaged in the farm! We also met a plant we’ve never encountered — the bitter melon.

Chelsea Beasley

Photo Credit: Chelsea Beasley


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